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Scholarship Program Overview


IMPACT Access Fund is designed to help young people at critical stages in their personal and professional development by promoting equitable skills, opportunity, education, and access to achieve careers in the fields of sports, entertainment, media and beyond.


Criteria to be considered when selecting recipients of the scholarship include:

    1. Challenging Circumstances — Applicant’s personal experiences that influence their perspective, life history, and that may otherwise hinder their access to career opportunities are considered. Examples of circumstances might include but are not limited to those that are personal, family or financial.
    2. Impact of Scholarship in Addressing Barriers – The selection committee will consider the impact that a scholarship will have on an applicant’s ability to address what may otherwise be barriers to their participating in out-of-school educational/professional development opportunities.
    3. Career & Educational Goals — The degree to which an applicant has clearly stated goals and they have displayed commitment to pursuing those goals in their academic and personal pursuits is considered.
    4. Social Impact — The selection committee seeks applicants that look to make a positive difference at the local, regional or larger community in terms of the environment, social justice, economic fairness, health conditions, quality of life, or other social concerns.

Family members of officers, directors, major contributors and members of the scholarship selection committee are disqualified from receiving scholarships.


To be considered, applicants must submit online applications for both the IMPACT Learning Institute Professional Development Program and the IMPACT Access Fund scholarship. By submitting an application for a scholarship to the IMPACT Access Fund, the applicant agrees to have IMPACT share their application with the selection committee for the scholarship program. Scholarship applications will be reviewed and selected on a rolling basis by the IMPACT Access Fund Selection Committee, selecting superior applicants for award.

Scholarship amounts and payment process:

The amount and number of scholarships awarded will be dependent, in part, on the fundraising efforts of the program. Scholarships will be in the form of a full or partial fee waiver for participation in the IMPACT Learning Institute Professional Development Program. Scholarship recipients are not entitled to any funds.


    Scholarship applications will only be considered once applicants have first submitted the IMPACT Learning Institute Professional Development Program application. If you have not already submitted your Program application, please do so before completing the scholarship application.
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