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IMPACT is where connectivity, coaching, and development meet opportunity. Our proven formula of professional development training, executive mentorship, experiential learning, and real-world work experience prepares students and gives them the tools to be the ideal young professional in any work environment.

IMPACT partners with the IMPACT Access Fund, a project of the Giving Back Fund (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) to provide real solutions to the diversity gap in the Sports and Entertainment industries. Our scholarship program connects students with hands-on professional training, industry-specialized education, career coaching, and executive mentorship.

“We Take You From Education to Employment”


IMPACT Learning Institute was created out of Founder Felisa Israel’s passion for mentoring and teaching. While running her live event production company, 10 Fold Entertainment, Felisa began taking an active role in working directly with her interns to focus on their professional development and continuing to mentor them long after their internship had concluded. Former 10 Fold Entertainment interns have moved on to work for some of the most iconic brands in the world including:

  • AEG
  • CAA
  • Coca-Cola
  • Disney
  • Epic Records
  • ESPN
  • Gatorade
  • Google
  • IMG
  • Insomniac
  • LA Clippers
  • LA Dodgers
  • LA Galaxy
  • LA Kings
  • LA Lakers
  • LA Rams
  • Live Nation
  • NBA
  • Netflix
  • Sony Pictures
  • Sports Business Association of ASU
  • WME
  • Yahoo! Sports

Through her experience hiring interns from, and teaching at, UCLA Anderson, Felisa saw an opportunity to create a program that would be unlike any other – one that would equally benefit both students and future employers by offering internship placement alongside a curriculum designed to successfully guide students through their internships and provide partners with incredible interns.

With strategic industry partnerships and a fundamental belief in the power of diversity, IMPACT strives to shake up the traditional pathways that grant access into one of the world’s most competitive industries.

Meet the Founders

Felisa Israel | Program Executive Director

“After working in the NBA for over 20 years, I decided to follow my creative passion to become an entrepreneur and start my own live event production company, 10 Fold Entertainment. I quickly realized that I no longer had the NBA brand behind me, and the access, resources and funds that came with it, so I had to get creative…quickly! I immediately started a relationship with UCLA Anderson School of Management and began hiring, training and mentoring student interns. As I watched these young, hungry minds absorb everything I was teaching them, grow stronger with each experience and blossom into rockstars right before my eyes, I was left with a tremendous sense of pride and fulfillment and it became my preference to work with students and professionally develop them.

Over the past decade, I have proudly impacted more than 90 students – training, mentoring and helping to place them in jobs throughout the Sports, Entertainment and Media industries. While working with these 90+ students, I solely focused on their capabilities and willingness to learn and I felt it was my responsibility to bring out the best of their abilities and show them that they could achieve the potential that I recognized in them. When they grew into exceptional professionals and wanted to explore career opportunities in their various fields of interest, I would utilize my relationships and help them earn those opportunities; not for a fee or to gain anything in return, but because I truly feel that it is the greatest gift I could pass on for future generations. These experiences, along with teaching a Sports, Entertainment and Media summer program for high school students at UCLA Anderson for the past 3 years, inspired my co-founder, Lexie King, and me to create IMPACT.

However, my biggest inspiration for creating IMPACT was Lexie herself. While she was working for me at 10 Fold Entertainment, she quickly stood out as someone who had superstar qualities and a fierce work ethic. After about a year of working for me, she divulged her upbringing and it left me impressed and intrigued – these aren’t stories I was accustomed to hearing every day. I found myself astounded hearing what she overcame in her life and how she chose to use it as motivation to succeed instead of an excuse not to. It was at that moment that I realized what she was ultimately made of, and with proper leadership and guidance, there was no limit to what she was capable of achieving. She has learned a lot from me, but I have equally learned a lot from her! It is my privilege and honor to now have our own program and work together to give capable students from underprivileged communities and upbringings, who may not otherwise have the recognition or access, the opportunities and guidance they need and deserve.”

Lexie King | Co-Founder

“My home was broken at an early age. My mother went to prison when I was five years old and my dad, a struggling single father, could never overcome his own battles with drug and alcohol addiction and we soon became homeless. I spent my childhood through adolescence watching my parents unsuccessfully try to reclaim their lives while I bounced between different homes and schools until I was of working age. At 16 years old I moved out on my own, took up three jobs and set my eyes on a future where I could not only help myself but bring a light to those who’ve endured similar adversity.

Fast forward. I paid my way through college, graduated debt-free, with academic honors and most notably I landed an internship with 10 Fold Entertainment that would change the trajectory of my career. When my inherent hustle and hunger was met with and fueled by opportunity, mentorship and professional connections, I soared through the ranks and quickly established myself as an in-demand professional. I found myself taking on management positions, leading teams and projects with peers that just a few years prior I had felt devastatingly outmatched by in my college lecture halls. Through that internship, I was able to break through barriers, build confidence and tap into a potential that even I had underestimated.

Over the years I have seen my dreams become a reality, managing Operations & Production for major names in the industry including World Series of Beach Volleyball, NBA, Pac-12, Bleacher Report, Kendrick Lamar Tour and Calvin Klein x Justin Bieber Tour. But it all began with that first internship opportunity, working with and learning from Felisa Israel. Her hands-on approach to mentorship is truly unique and exactly what students from underprivileged communities need most. They say it takes a village, but sometimes it just takes one person to recognize that YOU in fact are capable of building that village. Together Felisa and I are co-founders and investors in IMPACT, and we couldn’t be more proud, thrilled and honored for the opportunity to IMPACT the next generation.”

  • "The IMPACT internship experience is a truly unique opportunity. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Felisa Israel and 10 Fold Entertainment for years and in that time I have seen how Felisa and her team consistently produce exceptional experiences. Participants will benefit from the many trusted relationships that the team has cultivated in media, entertainment, and sports. More importantly, they will learn firsthand how to show initiative, sweat the small stuff, and make the most of employment opportunities in the industry. I look forward to collaborating with Felisa and her team!"

    Jay Tucker, Executive Director UCLA Anderson Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports (MEMES)
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